How Reading Can Help You Develop as a Person

Reading is one of those things that all of us know we should be doing more of. Regardless of whether you’re an avid reader or not, the throes of life can often leave us with no time to pick up a paperback. Yet many of the most successful people in the world have cited their voracious reading as a key foundation of their success. These names include Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and many others with incredibly busy lifestyles that are probably far more demanding than ours. As such, we really have no excuse for not reading more, and perhaps something that can motivate you to give reading a chance is recounting exactly how the activity can help you grow as a person. This article will help you do just that, not by presenting a simple list, but by describing how books have the power of shaping personalities, being loyal companions during crises, and helping you build valuable skills that will be useful for decades. 

Starting Out With Reading 

The vast trove of genres ensures that there is something for everyone. No matter which genre interests you, there is value in perusing all kinds of books. This can help you connect with a wider group of people, since reading is a popular habit and you will likely meet many who like to engage with books. Besides, nothing compares to the feeling of sitting up late at night trying to put a book down, but being unable to because the chapters are too gripping to let go of. Reading can be an intensely thrilling, informative, or emotional experience depending on what kind of books you read. 

The Transformative Impact of Reading 

Most of us do things based on how likely they are to benefit us. This can make reading about a fictional story seem a waste of time since it seems disconnected to the real world, but books possess far more value than simply the information they give you. Observing the construction of sentences, the vocabulary used to describe different objects or spaces, and the way words are used to elicit emotion can help us improve our own writing and speaking skills. We use the words we come across most often, and if you read often, you’re likely to come across a more diverse set that can be used in different ways. 

Besides this, reading literature can only adequately be described as food for the soul. It can force you to face the deep moral questions of life that you might have been ignoring. It could force you to face past trauma through the fates of fictional characters. Or it could make you think deeply of the incorrigible complexities of individual life, and the world around us. Exploring these questions helps remind ourselves of our places in the universe, and the nature of the so called ‘human condition’. 

Non-Fiction as a Tool for Learning 

If you still find that fiction isn’t your thing, foraging through the world of non-fiction can be a great way to improve yourself as a person. You’ll come across tomes to help you develop all sorts of skills, be it grooming, meditation, spirituality, or learn about topics within disciplines like psychology, philosophy, sociology, etc. If you’ve ever wanted to gain more knowledge about a certain subject, books are an invaluable resource for learning. As we mentioned earlier, many of the richest men in the world have used books as a guide, and have continued to do so long after becoming successful. By devoting some time daily to reading, you too will notice subtle benefits creeping into your daily mannerisms. 

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