Book Bindery: Place to Read And Have a Glass Of Wine

In 2011, Book Bindery was nominated as the Best New Restaurant for 2011 by Seattle Magazine, and since then, it has evolved into one of the cities finest establishments. The American cuisine here is expertly matched with its selection of wine, and the interiors are cozy and accommodative of children and large groups. This, combined with the awe-inspiring view of the Ship Canal and the affordable prices makes Book Bindery a must visit in Seattle. The following sections of this article further explore the many good reasons one should consider paying Book Bindery a visit, regardless of whether you’re looking for a spot to work, read a book, bring a date, have a family get together, or to enjoy some fine wine. 

The Food 

Bad food is perhaps the single biggest deal breaker for restaurant-goers across the world, but Book Bindery is renowned for its rich palette with mouth-watering flavors that are simple, yet satisfying. Dishes like Grilled Mishima Ranch, caramelised sea scallops, and the pan roasted sturgeon have been highly by reviewers. 

What’s more is that the restaurants waiters are adept at helping diners pair their meals with the wines that are made by wine maker and owner of Book Bindery, Mike Almquist himself. He makes over thirty unique wines, and all from Washington grapes. 

The Decor and Location

One of the most breathtaking things about Book Bindery is its stunning view of the Ship Canal. The restaurant sits on the Canals southern bank, and the panorama has a calming influence upon the vibe of the restaurant. This, along with the cozy interiors make the establishment a fine choice for both group and individual meals. The thing that separates Book Bindery from other restaurants is that it combines the relaxed atmosphere of a casual eatery with the ambience and culinary delicacy of a fine dining establishment. 

The Prices 

All the aforementioned details might lend the impression Book Bindery is sure to burn a hole in ones pocket. However, the fortunate truth is that it offers all its exquisite services for jaw dropping prices. The average starter costs only $15 on average, while most main dishes are $30 or lower. Given that many of its chefs have served in several restaurants with multiple Michelin stars, it is safe to say that these prices are more than reasonable. 


Book Bindery has been one of Seattle’s finest restaurants for years. While in the past it was much more of a formal establishment, in recent years its ambience has relaxed to be more accommodative of diverse groups. Parents are encouraged to bring children along to experience the delights of American cuisine on offer, and to have a rich dining experience enjoyable for all ages. 

Book Bindery combines food fit for fine dining establishments with a world class line-up of chefs, an austere interior, and breathtaking location with affordable prices. Even if you don’t necessarily have a date or partner in crime to catch a meal with, Book Bindery pleasures can easily be enjoyed while flying solo. If you find yourself in Seattle, or haven’t had the distinction of being a guest there as a native, a fascinating experience awaits you. 

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