4 Places To Visit In Seattle

Whether you know Seattle from Grey’s Anatomy, Sleepless in Seattle, or as the home of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, there is a reason this place has been at the center of many cult classics. Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks all have headquarters here, representing two more things the city is known for: tech and coffee. Located in Northwestern USA, Seattle is the biggest city in Washington State, and if you’re considering a trip here, there is a lot to see and do. In this article, we’ll cover four of the best places to visit in this iconic city. 

Chihuly Garden and Glass 

Seattle is arguably the epicenter of the art of glassblowing, and the works of Dale Chihuly make a strong case for this stance. This hotspot in downtown Seattle is one of the most recommended places to visit here bar none. It contains eight exhibits full of Chihuly’s work, with many also placed in a natural setting to allow sunlight to interact with the glass. One can expect to find video presentations on Dale’s life and work, gallery talks, tours, and even yoga sessions twice a month upon visiting this site. 

Seattle Center and the Space Needle

A small walk away from Chihuly Garden and Glass lies another one of Seattle’s prominent monuments, the Seattle Center. The Center is a place brimming with art and culture, with more than 30 educational, cultural, and entertainment organizations housed on its premises. These organizations frequently host events, programs, and other engagements one can be a part of. The Space Needle, which is the Center’s biggest attraction was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, but today it is the best way to behold Seattle in all its glory. The view from above is a staggering panorama that extends as far as the eye can go. Recently, the Needle underwent thorough renovation and has been installed with a revolving floor, among other attractions. 

Museum of Pop Culture 

As the name suggests, this is the ideal destination for anyone into movies, music, comics, and other art forms. As has been touched upon, Seattle has been home to many pop culture classics, and the Museum of Pop Culture (originally called the Experience Music Project), curates some of the best to come out of Seattle. This includes exhibits related to Jimi Hendrix, perhaps the most well-known son of Seattle, grunge band Nirvana, Marvel, and many others. If you happen to find yourself here, don’t miss the Guitar Gallery.

Pike Place Market 

This is another one for those of us who like to live and breathe the culture of a city. Pike Place Market is filled with a dazzling array of unique shops and establishments that attract millions of tourists every year. Walking through the Market will fill your senses with a wide range of aromas, sights, and textures as you take in the fresh produce, various meats, flowers, etc. Having started out in 1907, it is one of the oldest authentic farmers markets still operating in the US. There is much to see here even if food is not of interest to you, with over 200 regional creators having set up shops offering books, medicines, magic supplies, and much more. 

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