3 of Our Favorite Menu Specialties

Nothing can compensate for bad food in an eatery. A restaurant can have the most beautiful interiors, a stunning view, first class service, and everything else that defines a good eatery, but if the food isn’t upto the mark, it isn’t likely to survive for long. Fortunately, Book Bindery is extra careful in ensuring that the food made at its premises is of the highest quality, along with providing all the other aforementioned services in spades. The chef and his team take great care to preserve the essence of American cuisine for its customers, and one is sure to be left satisfied after a meal at one of its outlets. In this article, we list three of our favourite dishes that Book Bindery serves. If you find yourself looking for a restaurant in Seattle, close your eyes, head to Book Bindery, and try these!

Food at Book Bindery 

The main ingredients in many of the dishes served here are potatoes and meat. While this may sound simplistic, the extensive culinary experience of Book Bindery’s chefs infuses these with exquisite flavors in every dish that incorporates them. What’s more is that these dishes are unlikely to burn a hole in your pocket, and are fairly reasonably priced. Starters average at around $15, while most main courses are $30 or below. Here are the three best ones you should try:

1) Pan Roasted Sturgeon 

The Pan Roasted Sturgeon at Book Bindery is served with Brussel Sprouts, Confit Kumquats, and Citrus Beurre Blanc (a butter based sauce with lemon, orange and lime juice). The sturgeon here is roasted to perfection, and the kumquats are cooked in fat to give it a nice, juicy flavor. The Beurre Blanc is a perfect base for any seafood, and it shines through in our vision of the dish. The light accompaniments to the sturgeon prevent it from being overpowered. All that is needed to complete this meal is some good white wine. 

2) Grilled Mishima Ranch “Flavour Curve”

At $46, this is the most expensive dish that the restaurant offers, but also arguably its best. The Flavour Curve is a custom cut of Mishima Ranch beef, and is one of the best meats you can taste across Seattle. The beef is marinated with a fair amount of salt for seasoning, and is cooked medium rare. The Bordelaise Vinaigrette makes for a delicious sauce to go with the dish, and the fusion of flavors is delectable. The beef is also served with a caramelised onion sauce, garnet yam, and kale. 

3) Duo of Rabbit 

Despite what the name might suggest, this dish does not contain any rabbits. Instead, it is a pork based dish that incorporates meat from two different (loin and leg) parts of the pig. The maple-bourbon sauce is just the right thickness to compliment the pork, which is just the right amount of tender and pink. Other accompaniments to this dish include ajwain-scented carrots, and spaetzle. Ajwain is something of a superfood, and it makes those carrots irresistible. The price of the dish is $36. 

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