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The Book Bindery sits on the southern bank of the Ship Canal in a space that once served as a book bindery. The main dining room resembles a luxurious reading room that is book-ended by views of the waterway on one side and, on the other, the winery next door. Our comfortable bar offers diners a more casual perch from which to enjoy the surroundings, while the light-filled greenhouse offers guests the expansive experience of dining al fresco all year round, regardless of the weather.

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Our Beloved Partners

Book Bindery restaurant wouldn’t be possible without our partners that have been with us throughout all these years. Providing us with only the best goods so we can make you enjoy visiting our places. Many thanks to all of our partners which helped Book Bindery become what it is today.

Also many thanks to you, our beloved customers!

Food Delivery: Kerala Co 

Marketing: Portent 

Custom Brand Packaging: Brand My Cafe


Book Bindery is a small restaurant, so please arrive on time with your entire party. Or better still, show up early and sample some wine in our tasting room.

In consideration to later diners, we are unable to hold tables longer than 15 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.


(206) 283-2665

Online Reservations

Online reservations are for parties no larger than 4 people. For parties of 5 or more, please contact the restaurant at (206) 283.2665 or contact us via contact page. We will contact you directly to confirm all reservations.

Unforgettable Luxurious Dining Experience

Unforgettable Luxurious Dining Experience

Here at Book Bindery restaurant we always make sure to give our guests the experience they deserve. Today is no exception so we’re bringing you our latest offer in partnership with BHCW, a worldwide limousine service. We know that when it comes to luxury and comfort you just can’t get enough. With that in mind, we decided to organize special tours for our guests visiting Seattle and offer them dinner of their life as soon as they land on the Seattle airport. You’ve heard it right! As soon as you land in Seattle we’ll have chauffeur with a luxury limousine waiting for you. Once you’re in you will have appetizers and refreshments on your way to Book Bindery restaurant. It sits on the southern bank of the Ship Canal in a space that once served as a book bindery. How cool is that? Once you’re here you can enjoy our comfortable bar which offers diners a more casual perch from which to enjoy the surroundings. On the other side, a light-filled greenhouse offers guests the expansive experience of dining al fresco all year round, regardless of the weather. A table will be ready for you reserved for a whole day so you can eat whenever you like. All the menu items are included in the price plus something extra, but we will save that as a surprise.

Price List

  • $199 – 1 Person all-inclusive dining + limousine
  • $369 – 2 Person all-inclusive dining + limousine
  • $549 – 3 Person all-inclusive dining + limousine
  • $719 – 4 Person all-inclusive dining + limousine
In case you’d like an arrangement for a group larger than 4 you can always reach out via contact page and we will sort out something for you. To reserve a vehicle different than limo you can reach out as well and we’ll work out something for you with our friends from BHCW and send you a quote. Please keep in mind that prices will be different in that case.
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3 of Our Favorite Menu Specialties

3 of Our Favorite Menu Specialties

Nothing can compensate for bad food in an eatery. A restaurant can have the most beautiful interiors, a stunning view, first class service, and everything else that defines a good eatery, but if the food isn’t upto the mark, it isn’t likely to survive for long. Fortunately, Book Bindery is extra careful in ensuring that the food made at its premises is of the highest quality, along with providing all the other aforementioned services in spades. The chef and his team take great care to preserve the essence of American cuisine for its customers, and one is sure to be left satisfied after a meal at one of its outlets. In this article, we list three of our favourite dishes that Book Bindery serves. If you find yourself looking for a restaurant in Seattle, close your eyes, head to Book Bindery, and try these!

Food at Book Bindery 

The main ingredients in many of the dishes served here are potatoes and meat. While this may sound simplistic, the extensive culinary experience of Book Bindery’s chefs infuses these with exquisite flavors in every dish that incorporates them. What’s more is that these dishes are unlikely to burn a hole in your pocket, and are fairly reasonably priced. Starters average at around $15, while most main courses are $30 or below. Here are the three best ones you should try:

1) Pan Roasted Sturgeon 

The Pan Roasted Sturgeon at Book Bindery is served with Brussel Sprouts, Confit Kumquats, and Citrus Beurre Blanc (a butter based sauce with lemon, orange and lime juice). The sturgeon here is roasted to perfection, and the kumquats are cooked in fat to give it a nice, juicy flavor. The Beurre Blanc is a perfect base for any seafood, and it shines through in our vision of the dish. The light accompaniments to the sturgeon prevent it from being overpowered. All that is needed to complete this meal is some good white wine. 

2) Grilled Mishima Ranch “Flavour Curve”

At $46, this is the most expensive dish that the restaurant offers, but also arguably its best. The Flavour Curve is a custom cut of Mishima Ranch beef, and is one of the best meats you can taste across Seattle. The beef is marinated with a fair amount of salt for seasoning, and is cooked medium rare. The Bordelaise Vinaigrette makes for a delicious sauce to go with the dish, and the fusion of flavors is delectable. The beef is also served with a caramelised onion sauce, garnet yam, and kale. 

3) Duo of Rabbit 

Despite what the name might suggest, this dish does not contain any rabbits. Instead, it is a pork based dish that incorporates meat from two different (loin and leg) parts of the pig. The maple-bourbon sauce is just the right thickness to compliment the pork, which is just the right amount of tender and pink. Other accompaniments to this dish include ajwain-scented carrots, and spaetzle. Ajwain is something of a superfood, and it makes those carrots irresistible. The price of the dish is $36. 

Book Bindery: Place to Read And Have a Glass Of Wine

Book Bindery: Place to Read And Have a Glass Of Wine

In 2011, Book Bindery was nominated as the Best New Restaurant for 2011 by Seattle Magazine, and since then, it has evolved into one of the cities finest establishments. The American cuisine here is expertly matched with its selection of wine, and the interiors are cozy and accommodative of children and large groups. This, combined with the awe-inspiring view of the Ship Canal and the affordable prices makes Book Bindery a must visit in Seattle. The following sections of this article further explore the many good reasons one should consider paying Book Bindery a visit, regardless of whether you’re looking for a spot to work, read a book, bring a date, have a family get together, or to enjoy some fine wine. 

The Food 

Bad food is perhaps the single biggest deal breaker for restaurant-goers across the world, but Book Bindery is renowned for its rich palette with mouth-watering flavors that are simple, yet satisfying. Dishes like Grilled Mishima Ranch, caramelised sea scallops, and the pan roasted sturgeon have been highly by reviewers. 

What’s more is that the restaurants waiters are adept at helping diners pair their meals with the wines that are made by wine maker and owner of Book Bindery, Mike Almquist himself. He makes over thirty unique wines, and all from Washington grapes. 

The Decor and Location

One of the most breathtaking things about Book Bindery is its stunning view of the Ship Canal. The restaurant sits on the Canals southern bank, and the panorama has a calming influence upon the vibe of the restaurant. This, along with the cozy interiors make the establishment a fine choice for both group and individual meals. The thing that separates Book Bindery from other restaurants is that it combines the relaxed atmosphere of a casual eatery with the ambience and culinary delicacy of a fine dining establishment. 

The Prices 

All the aforementioned details might lend the impression Book Bindery is sure to burn a hole in ones pocket. However, the fortunate truth is that it offers all its exquisite services for jaw dropping prices. The average starter costs only $15 on average, while most main dishes are $30 or lower. Given that many of its chefs have served in several restaurants with multiple Michelin stars, it is safe to say that these prices are more than reasonable. 


Book Bindery has been one of Seattle’s finest restaurants for years. While in the past it was much more of a formal establishment, in recent years its ambience has relaxed to be more accommodative of diverse groups. Parents are encouraged to bring children along to experience the delights of American cuisine on offer, and to have a rich dining experience enjoyable for all ages. 

Book Bindery combines food fit for fine dining establishments with a world class line-up of chefs, an austere interior, and breathtaking location with affordable prices. Even if you don’t necessarily have a date or partner in crime to catch a meal with, Book Bindery pleasures can easily be enjoyed while flying solo. If you find yourself in Seattle, or haven’t had the distinction of being a guest there as a native, a fascinating experience awaits you. 

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4 Places To Visit In Seattle

4 Places To Visit In Seattle

Whether you know Seattle from Grey’s Anatomy, Sleepless in Seattle, or as the home of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, there is a reason this place has been at the center of many cult classics. Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks all have headquarters here, representing two more things the city is known for: tech and coffee. Located in Northwestern USA, Seattle is the biggest city in Washington State, and if you’re considering a trip here, there is a lot to see and do. In this article, we’ll cover four of the best places to visit in this iconic city. 

Chihuly Garden and Glass 

Seattle is arguably the epicenter of the art of glassblowing, and the works of Dale Chihuly make a strong case for this stance. This hotspot in downtown Seattle is one of the most recommended places to visit here bar none. It contains eight exhibits full of Chihuly’s work, with many also placed in a natural setting to allow sunlight to interact with the glass. One can expect to find video presentations on Dale’s life and work, gallery talks, tours, and even yoga sessions twice a month upon visiting this site. 

Seattle Center and the Space Needle

A small walk away from Chihuly Garden and Glass lies another one of Seattle’s prominent monuments, the Seattle Center. The Center is a place brimming with art and culture, with more than 30 educational, cultural, and entertainment organizations housed on its premises. These organizations frequently host events, programs, and other engagements one can be a part of. The Space Needle, which is the Center’s biggest attraction was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, but today it is the best way to behold Seattle in all its glory. The view from above is a staggering panorama that extends as far as the eye can go. Recently, the Needle underwent thorough renovation and has been installed with a revolving floor, among other attractions. 

Museum of Pop Culture 

As the name suggests, this is the ideal destination for anyone into movies, music, comics, and other art forms. As has been touched upon, Seattle has been home to many pop culture classics, and the Museum of Pop Culture (originally called the Experience Music Project), curates some of the best to come out of Seattle. This includes exhibits related to Jimi Hendrix, perhaps the most well-known son of Seattle, grunge band Nirvana, Marvel, and many others. If you happen to find yourself here, don’t miss the Guitar Gallery.

Pike Place Market 

This is another one for those of us who like to live and breathe the culture of a city. Pike Place Market is filled with a dazzling array of unique shops and establishments that attract millions of tourists every year. Walking through the Market will fill your senses with a wide range of aromas, sights, and textures as you take in the fresh produce, various meats, flowers, etc. Having started out in 1907, it is one of the oldest authentic farmers markets still operating in the US. There is much to see here even if food is not of interest to you, with over 200 regional creators having set up shops offering books, medicines, magic supplies, and much more.